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Take the We Make Indiana Captain Pledge

Join hundreds of faith and community leaders across Indiana next Tuesday, February 1 at 6:30 pm ET as they file to run for precinct chair and celebrate this monumental moment. Sign the pledge and join the movement putting people at the center of our politics.

As a We Make Indiana Captain, I pledge to: 

1. Engage neighbors in my precinct 3x a year to listen for issues, register people to vote, and get out the vote for candidates who support our agenda.

2. Meet with candidates and elected officials to advance the faith agenda we co-create together. Conversations with thousands of faith & community leaders shaped our governing priorities; restorative justice, immigrant inclusion, healthcare for all (no exceptions), a caring and sustainable economy, and a fair democracy.

3. Vote collectively to advance We Make Indiana decisions in all party caucuses. We will exercise our vote to further decisions we make together and to support candidates who pledge to champion our Faith Agenda and work with us to build a people-centered politics for Indiana.

Take the pledge now: