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Become A Core Partner

Voter Alignment Table

Act Indiana’s Voter Alignment Table is the primary vehicle to restore democracy and achieve racial and economic justice in Indiana.

Our core partners understand – from fighting for working families, dismantling mass criminalization, protecting healthcare or the environment – the path to power is a collective endeavor. Our growing network of organizations and individual members are aligned around a long-term roadmap through 2025.

Together we run coordinated data-driven voter engagement programs to raise the voices of women, people of color, and young people, promote a fair and inclusive Democracy, create new pathways to elected office, and equip our partners to lead change efforts in their communities.

Act Indiana invests in the shared capacity of our core partners by providing:


We equip our partners with access to the data and tools to reach the New American Majority and build ongoing relationships with voters over multiple election cycles.


We train the next generation of leaders in community organizing, integrated voter engagement, targeting and data, running for public office, and the tools to build power to create change.

Strategic Communication

We equip partners is best practices of digital organizing, mobile technology, earned media to advance our shared research tested narratives.


We expand the collective research capacity of our partners to advance proven, data driven policy solutions, evaluate the effectiveness of their programs, and move metrics of success.

Get Involved!

I’d like to learn how our organization can get involved with Act Indiana’s Voter Alignment Table.