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About Us

About Us

We believe a fair and inclusive democracy is a key ingredient to propel Indiana forward. That’s why we activate the leadership of youth, people of color, women, and people in poverty, to run large-scale electoral programs that engage hundreds of thousands of voters directly impacted by mass incarceration, mass deportation, and economic inequality. We align around a shared theory of change and equip our deep bases with shared tools and capacities to speak with the boldest voice possible.

The growing ACT Indiana network of deeply rooted faith, community, and labor partners understand that building power for working families is a collective endeavor.

Through ACT Indiana, We Will:

Forge Accountable Relationships with public officials to advance our Family First Agenda

Restore Dignity in Democracy encouraging elected leaders to elevate the common good over partisanship and division

Build Social Movement that unifies urban, suburban, and rural Indiana. We will build lasting social movement that bridge post-industrial towns, exurbs and urban centers in 8 tipping point counties

Reshape Indiana’s electorate. Equip our partners with the technology, tools, and training to coordinate targeted voter contact programs to activate 100,000 Family First Voters thru 2021

Build a Candidate Pipeline of grassroots leaders who share our values and are equipped to advance our agenda well beyond Election Day