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We believe a fair and inclusive democracy is a key ingredient to propel Indiana forward. That’s why we activate the leadership of youth, people of color, women, and people in poverty, to run large-scale electoral programs that engage hundreds of thousands of voters directly impacted by mass incarceration, mass deportation, and economic inequality. We align around a shared theory of change and equip our deep bases with shared tools and capacities to speak with the boldest voice possible.

Voter Alignment Table

Act Indiana is the primary vehicle to restore democracy and achieve racial and economic justice in Indiana. 

Act Indiana’s ‘Voter Alignment Table’ works with numerous partners from the labor, community, and environmental sectors to build our collective capacity to make change possible.  We understand the path to power is a long-term collective endeavor. That’s why we are building the muscle of all our partners to coordinate voter engagement, amplify our tested narrative, organize our communities, and build the next generation of organizers, campaigners, communicators, data directors, and public leaders who can advance our shared agenda.  By joining together -no matter where we live or what we look like- together, we make Indiana’s future.

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