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What if elected officials in Indiana funded our futures instead of helping the rich get even richer?

From South Bend to Evansville and everywhere between, Hoosiers all want pretty much the same things: healthcare we can afford, schools where every student thrives, and safe communities for our families.


But some politicians in Indiana have made it clear that they’ll put the interests of wealthy campaign donors and big corporations over the needs of our communities every. single. time.


That’s why we are joining together with people from all walks of life to make a better future for all Hoosiers. Together, we make Indiana, and we will rewrite the rules to make Indiana a state where all of us can prosper, no exceptions.

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About Us

We believe a fair and inclusive democracy is a key ingredient to propel Indiana forward. That’s why we activate the leadership of youth, people of color, women, and people in poverty, to run large-scale electoral programs that engage hundreds of thousands of voters directly impacted by mass incarceration, mass deportation, and economic inequality. We align around a shared theory of change and equip our deep bases with shared tools and capacities to speak with the boldest voice possible.

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